Florida vs. Kentucky Watch Party - Saturday at 6pm CT

NEXT WATCH PARTY - SEPTEMBER 14 - UF vs. Kentucky @ 6pm CT

Join us for the first SEC game of the season at The Post in Creve Coeur located at 763 Old Ballas Rd - off Olive just east of 270. We have a great space with dedicated audio and there are lots of food and drink specials for our group .
Kickoff is at 6pm CT - come early to secure a good table.

As in year's past, we will be ordering a block of tickets in the Florida section for the Mizzou / Florida game in Columbia on November 16. We have orders for over 70 tickets so far and are still taking orders though 9/21. Tickets are $40 per person including all fees.
We are also organizing a bus trip for those that want to travel with us again this year. The bus trip is $50 per person (including parking, tip, etc.) and we have 25 interested so far and are taking reservations through 9/21. We will set a couple of pickup and dropoff spots depending on where the most riders are located (last time we had stops in the CWE and Chesterfield).
The tickets and bus trip are separate - you can buy tickets and not ride the bus and you can ride the bus even if you have purchased tickets on your own. Your friends that are Mizzou fans are welcome on the bus as well.
To reserve your tickets and/or space on the bus, we need payment by the Tennessee game (September 21st). Payment options:
  • Bring cash or a check made out to the Gateway Gator Club to the UT Martin, Kentucky or Tennessee watch party. Look for Pat Amick or Rodney White (organizing the block tickets) or Dan Boccabella (organizing the bus trip).
  • Send venmo to Dan Boccabella (@DanBoccabella) - indicate how many tickets and what event
  • Send paypal to Dan Boccabella (dboccabella@gmail.com) - If you are using a credit card, please choose "send money to a friend" so credit card fees are not charged to the club. It is recommend you choose transfer from bank to avoid any credit card fees on your end.
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