In all kinds of weather ...

Speaking of weather, we really hope this weather does change to more Florida like conditions soon!!! Escape from the cold and come join us at the Fox and Hound at noon on Saturday to cheer on the Gators as they take on Mizzou. It's too cold to do anything else! And there are many positives to watching the game here in STL vs making the trip to Columbia - the walk in from the cold parking lot is much shorter here than there, you'll save 3 hours of drive time, you don't have to put up with a bunch of Missouri fans, and it's much less expensive! :-)

The Gators looked awesome in the PK80 tournament over Thanksgiving making it to the finals against Duke where they led by over 16 points twice before losing by 3 at the very end. They subsequently fell out of the rankings after losses to FSU and Loyola, Chicago, however, they had a great showing last night against #11 Texas A&M and won by 17 points! So there are lots of good reasons to come watch some entertaining play! Trust us, it's much better than watching the football team this year!!

We will be set up in a side room with dedicated sound. We'd love to see you there!!! And...

Go Gators

Gateway Gator Club
St. Louis Metro Area University of Florida Alumni Association

P.S. Mark your calendars for when St. Louis hosts the SEC Basketball Tournament at Scottrade March 7-11.  More details at:

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